connecting early stage πŸ¦„ people to πŸ¦„ startups

for remote summer internships

πŸ‘‰ I'm a unicorn person

wait, what is a unicorn person?

someone who has high potential, gets results, and is always growth oriented.

they love building across engineering + design + business and are curious about impact on market and customers.

as extremely curious individuals, they thrive in high growth opportunities and are always looking for projects.

we want to help connect them to the best opportunities with interesting startups.


what is a unicorn startup?

a high growth company on track to reach >$1B valuation. there are about 100 each year, and the path to unicorn status requires great people. we want to help connect you with the best people possible.

πŸ€™ I'm a unicorn startup or VC and want updates

how does bridgeworks work to build bridges between the two?

we believe that culture and values are important to match the right people to the right startup. we look at skills and experience but look for other traits and characteristics more heavily.

we care more about your drive for working hard this summer and your passion + curiosity for learning on the spot, ie. growth potential. how do we measure potential? you'll have to sign up for more to find out πŸ˜‰

what is early stage?

for πŸ¦„ people: you are in university or right out of it, building projects. for πŸ¦„ startups: you’re early or around your series a stage.

how much does it cost?

we understand how hard it is to build bridges during the pandemic so it will always be free for unicorn people, and we are currently exploring models for startups. sign up for updates.

who's working to build these bridges?

we are entrepreneurs across New York, Boston, Miami, and San Francisco who are obsessed with connecting the right people to the right opportunity.

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